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Raw Pet Food Ontario is our own brand of raw.

We have been supplying Ontario with quality raw food since 2017.

Our food is made with Human Grade, Quality, Canadian, lean meats.
We don’t just follow the HACCP rules, we are actually a HACCP Certified, Inspected & Audited Facility which offers the highest transparency for food safety.No Fillers, No Mechanically Separated Ingredients
Proper Ratios: 80 % Meat 10% Bone 10% Organ
Pure Protein & Blend options.
Bulk Pricing options.

The Natural Choice For Ontario’s Companion Animals.


Blended Proteins

Beef & Chicken Blend


Blended Proteins

Beef Chicken & Pork Blend


Single Proteins

Pure Chicken


Single Proteins

Pure Turkey


Single Proteins

Pure Beef


Single Proteins

Pure Pork


Raw Pet Food Ontario

Raw Ostrich Bones