Why Raw Food is Better for Your Pet Than Kibble

Dog laying in the sun

You know your pet’s personality as well as any member of your family. You know when they’re hungry, want a walk, or want a cuddle. It’s important to recognize these signs! It’s also important to know where your pet came from because this information reveals what they were meant to eat.

Their ancestors were carnivores. Regardless of the breed, your dog or cat comes from a long, long line of meat eaters with specific dietary needs. Kibble does not fulfill these needs. When kibble and dry food companies tell you their products have everything your pet needs, don’t believe them. Those essential vitamins and minerals are coming in a package that will wreak havoc with your pet’s digestive system.

Bagged dog food

Bagged dry foods aren’t what the ancient ancestors of your pets ate.

Prehistoric canines didn’t forage around kibble bushes; primitive felines didn’t fish out small sacks of dry cat food. They ate meat – whatever they could get their jaws or paws on. Kibbles and dry food are the products of raising animals in an urban or suburban area. These processed foods are the result of changing human environments, not changing pet tastes, and are only a recent invention from the last 50-60 years.

Look at your pet: it’s a carnivorous machine with all the parts still intact. The variety of teeth is meant for tearing meat and crushing bones, not eating plants or their byproducts. This is also evident in their digestive system, which processes fats and meats in the stomach easily but has trouble assimilating plants like rice, corn, and other staple human grains.

It’s these grains that are often a main component of kibble. While formulated to have all the essential vitamins and minerals pets need, dry food still isn’t formulated for their digestive needs. Reading the labels, you’ll find a lot more than meat: grains, vegetables, and synthetic vitamins that are added not just for filler, but because kibble simply doesn’t have the essential proteins that are found in raw meat.

Meat is in your pet’s nature.

As you can tell by looking at your pet’s teeth, dogs and cats are biologically made to eat meat. They need the array of amino acids that make meat a complete protein because their overall health depends on it. Look at taurine, one of the amino acids needed: it is essential for eyesight and heart health, but pet food companies didn’t realize it. They didn’t know taurine wasn’t surviving the extraction process, and cats weren’t getting enough taurine, and often lost their eyesight. Now, synthetic taurine is a common addition to dry pet foods.

Pets Eating kibbleThere’s another way for your pet to get taurine, and every other essential amino acid: meat. Feeding them raw food provides them with exactly what they are designed to consume, and what their body can efficiently and sufficiently absorb. The proteins help sustain the immune system, eyesight, and heart health, while natural enzymes and bacteria allow them to digest foods the way they were designed to.

If you’re concerned about your pet’s health, stop feeding them kibble and switch over to a raw food diet. It’s what they were meant to eat.


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