I am Shelly, and I am the owner of Raw Pet Food Ontario, an online Raw Pet Food Retail Store located in London, Ontario Canada.

I have been providing South Western Ontario with healthy raw food, all-natural hand crafted treats and Canadian supplements since 2017 and well before that supplying our puppy families since 2010.

We currently live with 2 beautiful Australian Shepherds, Dolly and Cheri. We started feeding raw in the early stages of our breeding program in 2010 and immediately saw the difference in our litters and our adults.

My own hobbies include gardening, hiking and kayaking, pretty much anything outdoors, I also enjoy learning about world issues and politics.
I love all seasons but Fall is my favorite for the weather and Summer is my favorite because we spend extra time with family.

I am a problem solver. My raw journey started with a poop question. “Why do my dogs seem to poop more than they eat?” That thought process led me down an interesting path which eventually brought me to learning to feed my dogs whole prey model. Eventually that evolved to where I am now with our own brand of raw pet food.

I pride myself on my one-on-one customer service. I am the person you will see on deliveries, the person behind the texts and phone calls. My son helps me with deliveries and I have a husband who cooks for me and keeps me grounded when business gets tough. He also has a full time job outside of the house but helps me anytime I need him. My mission is simple, I want to help you feel confident in feeding raw. There were so many obstacles when I started this journey but we have come very far since that day. Now the market is flooded with choices and it is hard to know where to turn. Our goal has always been to source a high quality product at the very best price point. We have our own raw food brand made in a HACCP facility and we have a freezer van to keep products frozen for delivery. We also support other local and Canadian businesses by selling their products in our online retail store.



We want you to feel fully supported in your raw feeding journey and so we are happy to connect with Isabelle at HoliRaw Nutrition. Isabelle is a small animal naturopath and offers a variety of services that can support you and your pets find optimal health. 


We’ve had the privilege to meet some pretty amazing pets on our deliveries!