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Our Mission

At Raw Pet Food Ontario, our mission is to provide pets with the highest quality nutrition through our carefully crafted raw pet food products and a thoughtfully selected range of other premium brands. We are dedicated to sourcing quality and competitively priced options to meet the diverse needs of pet owners. Our commitment to promoting the health, happiness, and longevity of companion animals is unwavering.

Through transparency, integrity, and sustainability, we empower pet owners to make informed choices for their beloved furry family members. At Raw Pet Food Ontario, we believe in offering a variety of nutritious and delicious options, ensuring every pet can thrive and every owner can feed with confidence.

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Raw Pet Food Ontario’s premium line of food is produced in a HACCP CERTIFIED, Audited and Inspected Facility with an excellent quality control program.
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About Shelly Hall

Meet Shelly, “Raising pets holistically is at the core of my values.”

Hello, I’m Shelly, the passionate owner of Raw Pet Food Ontario, an online store based in London, Ontario, Canada, specializing in top-quality raw pet food. Alongside my supportive family and our two Australian Shepherds, Dolly and Cheri, I’ve devoted over a decade to promoting pet health. This commitment extends through natural nutrition and our successful breeding program, which began back in 2010 when we started supplying nutritious meals to our puppy families. In 2017 we opened Raw Pet Food Ontario and since then our family has been committed to offering personalized customer service, sourcing high-quality ingredients for our own brand of raw food while supporting local farmers and businesses.

Raising pets holistically is at the core of my values. I believe in considering every aspect of a pet’s well-being to ensure they thrive. This principle guides me in selecting the best products for our store and offering tailored advice to our customers.

Exceptional customer service is paramount to me. I make sure every customer receives personalized attention and support, whether it’s through making deliveries or providing guidance on raw feeding. I strive to go above and beyond to build lasting relationships and instill confidence in our customers.

High-Quality Raw Food Brands

We specialize in exclusive locally sourced natural pet food products we trust.





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