Check Your Pet’s Weight

Is Your Pet at a Healthy Weight?

Examining your pet’s weight is an important part of caring for them. The best way to first decide the correct amount of raw food to feed is to assess your pet’s weight. You will need to establish whether your pet is at a:

  1. Healthy weight,
  2. Underweight, or
  3. Overweight 

Depending on which category your pet’s condition falls into will determine what daily amount to feed your pet. Please see our feeding calculator for help with this. Please note that recommended feeding amounts are guidelines only. After starting on a raw diet, it is necessary to regularly feel your pet’s body, visually assess weight and watch for signs of exertion while exercising.  Manually feel their ribs and their hip bone area – if you feel no layer of flesh over the bone areas then you know that you will need to increase their daily food intake. If it feels as though there is too much of a layer over their ribs, then it may be best to cut down on the amount that they are being fed. Adjustments in daily feeding amount may fluctuate through your pet’s lifetime. Your goal is to achieve and maintain your pet’s healthy weight.

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