Human Grade Food

By law, meat sold to you and I require regulation by the Canadian Food Agency. Meat for your pet, however, has very little regulation, so it’s important to look for pet food that uses human grade meat. That way, you not only know what you’re getting, but also that it was carefully inspected and approved for consumption.  You can watch this informative video on the subject here.

Pet food used to be held up to Human Grade standards, but the FDA decided food laws should no longer apply to pet food. Today the FDA allows all pet foods to violate federal laws under “The Food Drug and Cosmetic Act”, except for those labeled “Human Grade” pet food. Pet food producers are allowed to make their own marketing definitions to suit their needs to sell you their product. There are very few industries still allowed to use this type of deceptive marketing technique.

Today’s AFFCO standards were developed to make “feed” for our pets. From a legal standpoint, “feed” isn’t even classified as “FOOD”. Not very reassuring, is it?

Pet food can contain almost anything that the producer chooses to use. To find an example of why this has proven to be a dangerous but common practice we don’t have to look back too far in history. Just this year, tranquilizers were found in a canned pet food product after being purchased by consumers. Unfortunately, one owner had the heartbreaking experience when one of her dogs passed away directly due to this tainted meat product.

You can listen to the CBC Radio coverage on the story here.

We keep ourselves safe from dangerous foods – shouldn’t we do the same with our pets?

Small dog sitting on stacked boxes of Raw Pet Food