The freezing of raw food helps to prevent against any form of spoilage. While there is bacteria present that can spoil the meat if left to grow, a dog’s stomach acid is strong enough to kill the bacteria consumed without causing any harm to the dog. A dog’s saliva is the first level of prevention towards bacteria. While not as strong as a dog’s stomach acid, it is capable of killing many forms of bacteria.


It’s important to preserve your pet’s natural biological resistance to bacteria, which can be found in raw food. The pH level in their stomachs and digestive tracts means that they are anti-pathogenic, so they not only have the ability to fight bacteria, they are built to fight bacteria.

We choose only meats that ensure the raw food is healthy & fresh. The food we provide is all Human Grade food, in regulated facilities.

For the human family members who are not biologically capable of ingesting many bacteria found on raw meat, treat raw pet food as you would your own family’s raw meat and wash your hands and prep areas properly after handling to avoid cross-contamination and foodborne illness.

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