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Did you know our Raw Food Complete Grinds are made in a HACCP Certified, Audited and Inspected Facility to ensure quality and transparency?  We think our furry companions deserve eating food that is equal to the standards we feed our human families.

Our Complete Grinds come in:  Blends, Pure Proteins and Variety Cases.  You can also build your own cases by choosing the 1 lb options in your cart.

New to Raw?  Start with one of the following options:

Cat’s and Dogs can start with either the Pure Chicken mix, Pure Turkey mix or dogs can start with the Beef & Chicken Blend.

You can just go right to raw or you can also do a slow transition from kibble or canned to raw.

After things are going well you can slowly start to add anther protein.

It is Ideal to feed 3-4 proteins per month.

Your pet will love the variety and it will help them reach all their nutritional requirements.

Our Raw Dog Food is made with only Canadian Inspected Lean Meat, with no added Hormones, Antibiotics, Preservatives or Additives.

Feeding a raw diet will help your pet stay healthy and happy, lean and energetic.

You will notice a softer coat, brighter eyes, substantially less elimination and cleaner teeth. and possibly less allergy symptoms and a healthy appetite.

We offer bulk fresh and frozen ground options for multiple dog owners and breeders or if you are on a tight budget.

We make a special blend for kitties in 1/2 lb packs that doesn’t contain tripe.  Many kitties do not like tripe.

Let us know if you need any guidance with our Raw Food.

Our company offers lifetime raw feeding support and are more than happy to help you all along the way, whether you are new to raw feeding or a seasoned raw feeder we are here to answer your questions or help you find solutions to suspected dietary issues like allergies and GI upsets.

We do recommend using a holistic vet whenever possible, one who will support your feeding choices.

Mixed Proteins Frozen

Beef & Chicken Blend


Mixed Proteins Frozen

Beef Chicken & Pork Blend


Mixed Proteins Frozen

Chicken Beef & Salmon Cat Blend


The Raw Menu

Pure Chicken


The Raw Menu

Pure Beef


The Raw Menu

Pure Turkey